How much time do I need to dedicate to my studies each week in order to do the course?

The course requires between three and four hours a week

How long does the course last?

Our course lasts 10 months and is divided into 12 lessons of three weeks each.

What is the academic level of the course?

The course is designed so as to be accessible to as many people as possible. We estimate that it is understandable by anyone with studies completed to pre-university level, but we do not set any minimum level for registration purposes.

Is there a second course?

The programme is progressive, with the knowledge acquired in previous lessons being built upon by subsequent ones. A second course of a further 12 lessons is available in which the emphasis moves from creation and evolution to human life.

Is it necessary to have prior scientific knowledge?

It isn´t necessary to have any scientific knowledge over and above that you will have required during your basic school education. In some lessons we do go into scientific detail, but we always explain this to you and help you understand it within the lesson itself.