Rev. Dr. Ricard Casadesús Castro

 Doctorate in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. Licenced in Theology and Philosophy (1977). Priest of the Tarrassa Diocese. Professor of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1999-2005). Visiting Researcher at the Cherry L. Emerson Centre for Scientific Computation, Emory University of Atlanta (United States) in 2002. Member of the Catalan Institute for Studies (the section of the Catalan Society of Chemistry), of the Department of Theology and Sciences of the Theological Faculty of Catalonia (Institute of Fundamental Theology), of the Science, Philosophy, and Religion research group of the University of Barcelona, and was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences (2008-2010). He has published various articles in international scientific journals. In 2012 he published “Creation and Conservation in Saint Thomas Aquinas: Two fundamental concepts in the understanding of continuous creation.”