The lessons of these courses have been composed by professors who are experts in the dialogue between Science and Faith. The majority of them have scientific, philosophical, and theological qualifications. The core group have been taken from the Theological Faculty of Catalonia in Barcelona, and form part of the Theosciences research group. In addition to this group you will find Professors from Rome (the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Pontifical Gregorian University, and the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross), and from the Catholic University of Valencia, in Spain. 

Professor Justo Aznar Lucea

Doctor of Medicine (University of Navarra), Head of the Department of Clinical Biopathology and Coordinator of Biochemical Research of the University Hospital La Fe of Valencia. Current Director of the Institute of the Science of Life.

Rev. Dr. Rafael A. Martínez

Licensed in physics (Barcelona 1981) and doctor of philosophy (Rome 1990), he is Dean of the Philosophical Faculty of the Pontifical University of Santa Cruz in Rome, where he is professor of the Philosophy of Science.

Tomasz Trafny

Born in Darłowo (Poland) in 1970, Father Tomasz Trafny completed his studies in philosophy and theology at the Catholic University of Lublin.