Rev. Dr. Francesc Nicolau Ponts

(Molins de Rei 1930, Spain): Priest of the Diocese of Barcelona. Licenced in Science by the University of Barcelona (1959), where he specialised in astronomy. Licenced in Sacred Theology by the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (1954). Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Nature of the Faculty of Philosophy or the University Ramon Llull of Barcelona since 1956. Deputy-Director of the Geological Museum of the Seminary of Barcelona. Author of 23 books on science and the scientific-theological dialogue including the following: Physical Science and the Science of Nature (1991); Heavenly Bodies and Astro-Physics I-II (1992-1993); Church and Science Throughout History (2002); Evolutionary Theories and the Science of Evolution (2003); Actual Cosmologies and Christian Faith (2008); and The Intimacy of Material (2010).