David Jou Mirabent

(Sitges 1953, Spain): Professor of Physics of Condensed Matter at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has published five books on physics (amongst them: Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics; and Understanding Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics); and also two-hundred and fifty research papers. He is also an essayist (he has published five essays in Catalan and Spanish: on time; on matter; on cosmology; on the brain; and on the science-religion dialog). Among his books are "Déu, cosmos, caos" (2008) ("God, Cosmos, Chaos"), "Reescribiendo el Génesis" (2008), ("Rewriting Genesis"), "Cerebro y universo: dos cosmologías" (2011), (“Brain and Universe: Two Cosmologies"). He is also a poet, and, among a further twenty books, has published a book of poems inspired by science-religion topics.